Day 4: Shaping Discipline

I didn’t get out of bed until 4:47 this morning – so no credit there. But I did get everything done before I left for work this morning.

I had a good conversation with one of my grandmasters today, he was talking about an experience with Ed Parker Sr. where the senior black belts kept asking him to show them the real secrets to martial arts – so he had them lock the doors one night and worked basics, basics, basics, and more basics until they were all standing in pools of their own sweat. The class was at a point apparently where they would have passed out if he’d told them to do anything else – you know that really deep exhaustion where your Central Nervous System is causing your muscles to shake from working so hard.

Then SGM Parker ended the class and said there’s the secret.

Something I’ve been reminded of a lot lately – there aren’t any shortcuts to real understanding. You can build a bag of tricks, but nothing beats having experience with said bag of tricks.


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