Reflections on Starting Off Winning

There hasn’t been any magical transformation or anything. But I do find myself less averse to pain. Teaching my Kenpo classes I’ve gotten back into harder contact – which is nice and mentally it feels good.

The anticipation of pain makes the pain worse when it arrives – simply accepting pain seems to keep the experience grounded in reality.

Voluntarily forcing myself to stand in front of an ice-cold shower seems to have given me some mental fortitude in that regard.

Voluntary discomfort seems to be a key for massive change – I haven’t had any massive changes (yet) but I can already see how making myself get up early, blast myself with cold water, and denying myself coffee has helped me do things I don’t want to do (but often need to do).

Another thing has been cutting myself some slack when things are out of my control – like being sick. I took care of myself, but I also did what I could to keep the process going.


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