Day 2: Shaping Discipline

I let myself sleep in this morning – it’s Saturday after all. I got up about 7 (when my son said it was time), I took a shower and got ready to go to breakfast with the family. We went to McDonald’s to let my boy play, but he wasn’t interested today, so we ate and then got him a haircut.

I got my reading, meditation, mobility, and visualization done. I did set myself a few tasks to get done, that’s what I visualized myself doing. I got one of them done and then took quick nap while I was putting my son down for one too. I got up and did my journaling and then my pistol draws – I got a lot more reps in today and they were better quality too. Rounding corners off and reducing friction within movements.

I got my professional reading done while my son was getting his haircut. I don’t know if I’ll really get anything useful from this book – seems like it’s written for a complete novice – which is fine. But, I’m not a novice anymore. Oh well, still going to finish it. I let myself read a couple extra pages since I was still sitting at barber shop waiting for them to finish with my son’s mop.

All in all, I can see this challenge helping develop just what I’m after – more discipline. Not to mention it’s also helping me improve skills I’ve meant to be training in regularly – I just hadn’t made myself do them. That’s really what I think I’m going to get from this round is a sense of “just do it.” I sit down and plan things out for the day and then I just need to tear into them – stop making excuses and letting my mind wander.


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