Day 20: Starting Off Winning

Still sick, so I don’t know that this counts as “starting off” winning.

But I’m still doing what I can and I did manage to get some work done today, while my son was also home not feeling good.

Both of us ended up taking a nap, but I woke up before he did and started to get some work done on a coding project I didn’t think was going to take much – but alas I’m not that great at coding and the existing stuff that’s running has proven to be a bit of a beast to change. So I’ve written logic to handle most of what I want done (I’m having to experiment as I go). All in all, the code should be more maintainable/extendable when it’s said and done tomorrow – I probably should start a GitHub page for myself to go with it.

I survived today, and I’ve been learning about some other practices people are doing – trying to find some other things I think I could use more of. I particularly like this method of journaling:

The “VOMIT” Journaling Method

I particularly like the flexibility with different sets of tools for each step.

My little journal is about full, probably will be by the time this challenge is over – so I’m going to get some full size paged journals and try those out.

The big thing is the focus on mindset and clearing out mental clutter – stuff I’ve done in the past, but a more systematic approach to it would be nice.

The VOMIT system has space to vent, space to write out what I need to get done, as well as an option to express gratitude or brainstorm ideas – things I was already thinking I wanted to incorporate in the next round.

Something else I’m thinking I need aside from meditation is some time to do visualization – it’s something I’ve never done regularly before. I’m also wanting to have some time to actively practice forgiveness – really give myself some time experience emotions I need to let go of against other people and then finally let them go.


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