Day 19: Starting Off Winning

I’m still sick, thought I was starting to feel a bit better until this afternoon, and then got worried when the Mrs. said her throat is hurting.

So I got a strep test and it came back negative – but given that it’s within the first 48 hours of symptoms, the false negative rate is higher than after.

So we’ll see what happens tomorrow – I have a feeling I’ll be getting the antibiotics prescription filled that the doc sent in – just in case (he was 2nd guessing – said it could be strep, but it could be a sinus infection too) – although I think either would be treated with antibiotics.

But I’m not one to want to contribute to antibiotic resistance so I’ll hold off until my symptoms get worse or don’t improve for a couple of days.

I got some reading done, while I was waiting to see the doc. It’s interesting how visually the book’s cover and type placement and page layout for book sections seemed to be designed make the reader think WTF that’s different.

But, then again, that’s the whole point of the book – to take your understanding of your life and say “what if?” or more importantly, get you to focus on the present moment.

These practices have started to have a noticeable effect on the internal chatter and anxiety in my head. Well that and coming to a deeper understanding of my shadow. But the practices are helping to clean up patterns in my head – I actually found myself pretty comfortable when I realized I was just sitting and didn’t have any conscious thoughts going through my head for a few seconds. I was still conscious, but my mind was still.

Something that came up while I was reading, was a bit where the protagonist Danny is observing people at a sporting event and he’s able to read their minds – what’s more is how the people that perform the best are the ones best able to turn off their minds while they’re performing.

An interesting thought, as I’ve had similar experiences with my martial arts practice.


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