Journal Entry – 6/15/24

I woke up feeling the three days in a row of hard exercise. I’ve still be fairly active with some yard work and some work on my camper. I mowed my front lawn – not a big lawn as my house is on an 1/8 of acre – but it still took about 45 minutes with how many times I had to empty the mower bag (it’s been 2 weeks+ since I mowed). I also cleaned up hoses in the front yard, mostly replaced a giant 100ft hose with a 50ft so there isn’t nearly as much excess hose hanging out. I also cleaned up the other two hoses going around the yard. They’re all attached to a timer that makes watering at night really easy – I just have to move the sprinklers/hoses a few inches every couple of days to keep the grass healthy.

On the camper I got the propane tank switch/regulator replaced with something up to date – OPD connectors and a nice visual indicator if the tank is empty and thus the other tank should be used. I also cleaned up some routing on wiring and at dry-fitted one of the new batter boxes I got for the new batteries. Damn that’s a tight fit, but meh. Waiting on the other battery to charge fully, then I’m going to install a cutoff switch as well.

For ramping up my sparring training, I wanted to get some boxing gloves and had some picked out. Then I forgot about them – my wife decided to order them for me for father’s day. A pair of 16oz gloves – nothing nuts. But considering I usually use MMA style gloves when I spar, they’ll help my hand speed and shoulder endurance. I’ve also starting reading Fast Hands by Loren Christensen. I’m thinking I’m going to have shadow boxing and bag work as part of my sparring class days.

I’m still thinking about my next 30 day challenge and I’m really leaning toward Building a 2nd Brain – I heard Nick – The Fat Electrician talking about it on the Unsubscribe Podcast today. After doing some digging I still want to do a bit more digging, but it seems like just the thing I’ve been looking for – for a long damn time. The amount of information I have to go through on an average day is immense and I find myself going over the same stuff, because I haven’t figured out a way to organize and retain it.


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