Weight Training – 6/16/24

Writing down my workouts the night before seems to be helping with my mental fortitude a bit. If I plan them out when I’m not tired, then I have more ambition. When I show up in the gym the next day I just get to work.

So what did I get done today?

  • 5 minutes on the elliptical – pre-workout
  • 10 reps of kickstand squats on each leg with a 25lb dumbbell – 3 sets
  • Bench Press: 5×135, 5×225, 5×265, 5×265, 5×265
  • Deadlift: 5×155, 5×265, 5×345
  • Shoulder Taps: 4 sets of 20
  • 10 minutes on the elliptical – post-workout

Right at the end of the 10 minutes I think endorphins kicked in, and I felt like I could have gone longer. I think I’ll try 15 minutes of post-workout cardio on Wednesday.

Wow, now that I’m home, showered and sitting down for a bit – my arms are smoked. It’s father’s day so the Mrs. and my son gave me Trekkie Father’s Day t-shirt and the boxing gloves I had picked out. I haven’t done any reflex ball training for a few days I think I’ll give that a shot after I rest for a little bit. I’ve also been coming across some things about shadow boxing that’s got me re-thinking my approach. We’ll see what happens, I still need to get in more footwork. Sounds like a great goal for sparring on Thursday.


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