Reflections on No Alcohol

Yeah I didn’t make it it a straight 30 days, but that’s due to poor planning on my part. I knew my wife’s birthday was coming up and I didn’t plan out not having anything to drink properly.

But overall, I’m really glad I did this – it’s something I’ve needed to do for years after I let myself get sucked down by alcohol consumption during 2020 – I even did some day drinking – great way to feel like shit all day then have it drag over for two or three days.

I’m going to plan it out better and do another 30 days without alcohol later this year. Yeah and I’m going to keep it up with no drinking during the week and probably the weekends where I don’t have any social gatherings going on.

It really is just too damn easy to make excuses to drink and not be present in life. Yeah getting intoxicated is a normal human behavior – but it’s just way too easy and too destructive to health, wallet, social life, romantic life, family life – if you let it get out of control. If you’re only living for your next buzz or drunk – even functionally, what kind of life is that?

What to do for the next 30 days?

I’m thinking of focusing on prepping for the tournament and promoting to 5th degree. Something I’ll need to put more thought into. I’ve been collecting martial arts techniques and strategies for 20 years, but I haven’t spent a lot of time honing my preferred skills. Something well past time I start doing.


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