Day 5: Cold Water Therapy

This morning started off as a bit of a shit-show. My poor wife had been up all night with food poisoning – and I was supposed to go south all day to do some training at a martial arts seminar. But I knew I couldn’t leave her alone to take care of our son in that condition – she’s been wiped out all day – go figure. Luckily we’ve got a great support network for help with raising my boy, my brother was nice enough to watch him all day.

So yeah, still had to get ready to go and so yeah I’m jumped in the shower and froze – the temp has to stuff from the main and then my body gets used to it.

But yeah I made it down – late – but I still made it and had a blast. I love getting to see these guys and what’s cooler for me is that they know me. Some of the best martial artists in the country know me – and even cooler respect my observations. One of the masters I’ve hung out with a fair bit at seminar over the last few years told me he’s going to recommend that I have a spot to teach next year – HOLY SHIT.

He told me that he’s watched me develop over the last few years and has seen how I can train with so many different groups and understand so much of what they’re teaching and can break it down for others in the class.

I mean damn – that’s some amazingly high praise. So we’ll see what happens next year.

I had a blast.

I’m exhausted, but I had a blast, my wife got to rest and my son got to play with his cousins – all in all a great day!


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