Day 26: Shaping Discipline

I could have sworn I went through a bit of a slump around day 25 on my last 30 day cycle – but I went through and read several days and couldn’t find anything about a slump. It must have been earlier – that being said, going back and reading these actually helped me out mentally. I’ve been dragging ass today – I could blame the time change, but I’m listening to the latest Huberman Lab Podcast with Jocko and I realized I’m not exercising enough.

I have got to get back into the gym this week – it’s been almost a month since I’ve lifted – yuck. I have been thinking I need to just go in and let myself go savage on the weights and I’ll keep doing my mobility and I’m going to add in sprints this coming 30 day cycle – probably every other day. Then on the odd days do kettlebell ladders.

Speaking of Jocko, it’s interesting to hear that he didn’t really have “a moment” where he found discipline and what not. All of his changes were gradual. That’s heartening as I’ve realized what I’m trying to do is consciously re-shape my life. I’ve been on auto-pilot and simply done stuff by default for so long, in many ways this feels like I’m waking up and actually “making” things happen.


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