Day 26: Starting Off Winning

I slept in this morning, but I felt really good getting out of bed. I hydrated and took some probiotic supplements to recover from a course of anti-biotics (wow, they really do help your gut).

I realized something important when I’ve been defining my 3 major objectives for the day – a lot of times it’s simply things to be busy with – which I may or may not get done. But the purpose of the practice is to set my goals for the day – what can I do to make tomorrow easier?

The case of today it’s get things ready for work tomorrow, clean the house, and it’s also my day for my supplemental testosterone.

I’ve also been thinking about drinking, I drink mindless because I’m bored or it’s “fun” to match beers with friends when they come over. But what does it really do for me? If I keep to a sensible buzz, then I feel good and I’m sociable. I go beyond that and it becomes a problem for tomorrow (and possibly the day after). My sleep gets messed up and I’m in a fog, physically my reaction time has started to become affected. It also runs counter to my desire to generally improve my health.

I’m still thinking about what to do for the next 30 days as it’s getting close to starting – I really have done better with this round than I thought I would.

I thought about “treating myself like a king” – but I’m really leaning toward honing my warrior skills.

Some thoughts:

  • Work with a reflex ball for 10 minutes a day
  • Practice Kenpo forms for 10 minutes three days a week
  • Run for 10 minutes three days a week (I hate running, but I need cardio)
  • Practice my EDC draws/skills for 10 minutes three days a week

Yeah these 10 minute blocks aren’t massive times, but this is about shaping behavior and it’s still about getting wins in. Consistently training at things 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week is a lot more time than going hard for a week and then getting burned out.

I’ve started doing some more with my grooming in the morning – more just accepting that I’m getting older and thus I have more hair I have to deal with. So I’ve been trimming my eyebrows, nose, and ear hair, as well I’m automating a reminding to get a haircut/trim every month.


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