Day 25: Starting Off Winning

I got myself up at 4:45 this morning, showered, shaved and hydrated. Then I went back to sleep for a while – it’s a Saturday after-all.

I was also sleeping off some whisky from the night before. I let an almost altercation with my neighbor get on nerves and so I drank. Not the best course of action, but there you go.

I took care of my son for a few hours today while my wife had to go into work. I love that little bugger. Dad played a little bit, mostly setting up a track that some of his toys run on and started movies – the same movies he’s been watching day after day for the last few weeks. I understand why my parents were glad when they got a 2nd tv for the house and could watch what they wanted up stairs while the kids watched the Lion King over and over again.

We also setup a small party for the Super Bowl tomorrow – not that we’re big football fans around here but it’s a cultural touchstone.


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