Day 24: Starting Off Winning

Well damn, I did have a worry about getting “back on the horse” after being sick – well I still am I little sick, but wow. Second day in a row I’ve gotten up and done everything I set out to do this morning.

I actually find myself looking forward to getting out of bed early and challenging myself to stand in front of the showerhead when it’s blasting me with ice-cold water. Whew, that’s a a wake-up call.

Now caffeine is a supplement as opposed to the primary thing I wait for when getting up in the morning.

I think the biggest change has been happening in my mind – I haven’t spent as much time surfing YouTube and just mindlessly “watching” videos. I’ve been becoming more selective in what I choose to watch and I’m typically more engaged with the content.

A little self-compassion while pushing myself to keep moving forward has been a big help in keeping me motivated – focusing on how much I’ve been doing as opposed to everything I’m not doing. Just giving myself the needed amount of kudos has been helping. I know where I fall short and I just resolve that I’ll continue to do better.


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