Day 10: Starting Off Winning

1/3 of the way to the end of this goal.

I woke up, but stayed in bed after my alarm went off- for what felt like 30 minutes. I didn’t even bother to look at my phone until after I’d gotten out of the shower. It was only 5 minutes after 5 – so apparently I must have only spent about 15 minutes laying in bed.

I did get a better night’s sleep last night – although I was tired all day, then I laid down to go to sleep at about 930pm last night and couldn’t get comfortable and suddenly wasn’t tired. I got up and took some Magnesium Citrate, had another glass of water, then took a hot shower and I was able to get to sleep not too long after that.

It’s interesting how you pay attention to other things you want to change when you start something like this. I added in skipping alcohol a few days into it, and I haven’t been very successful, but I’ve gone the last two nights with any.

I realize, I’m not an alcoholic – yes, I drink a lot, but I don’t have a physical or psychological dependence on it. I simply drink when I’m bored. So I’ve been working on not being so bored. I’ve been trying to read more, as well I make myself pay attention to what I’m watching when I’ve got streaming on – it’s helped actually.

I’ve also been avoiding hyper-processed sugar the last couple of days as well – avoiding the sugar isn’t a problem. It’s actually pretty gross when you get down to it. But when you’re used to getting X number of calories from alcohol (sugars) in a day and you stop – your body still wants those calories. So the next most likely place is candy and other crap. Maybe it was a massive caloric deficit that contributed to my feeling so tired yesterday – and then I ate dinner not too long before bed which gave me some energy.


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