Day 9: Starting Off Winning

It amazes me how much more quickly 20 minutes seems to go by when you’re just waking up and are motivating yourself to get out of bed – or maybe it’s being half-awake.

Yeah today I struggled to get out of bed, to get in the shower – the cold water therapy was surprisingly easy, but then my son was awake when I got out of the shower – so it was more difficult to get everything else in my routine done – but I did it!

As interesting as Taoism is to learn about, I’m feeling like what I need right now is some Stoicism – so I’m switching to Seneca’s Letters from a Stoic tomorrow.

I’m finding it easier to switch goals around when there’s something I realize I could use more at a given point. The idea is to go forward as well as to learn and be inspired. Yes there’s something to be said for sticking to something until it’s done – something I need to work on – but the point of my morning reading is to ground and inspire.

I think Seneca will give me a lot more to contemplate during my meditation than a history of Taoism will anyway.

Something funny when I went to breakfast this morning, my friend and I were talking – I told him about how my morning practices are going and he says to me: “Wait, you’re waking up early, taking cold showers, and drinking pickle juice first thing in the morning? I thought I was a masochist.” I responded with “you wear your masochism on the outside, I wear mine on the inside.” We both had some good belly laughs over it.

I am feeling a lot more focused in general once I get up and moving, and my work output is showing it as well.


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