Day 8: Starting Off Winning

It’s interesting how you start paying attention to something and you see it everywhere.

It somehow seems fitting I’d really start noticing this as I’m starting into week two of this 30 day challenge to myself.

As I’ve been going through my daily routine, I’ve been finding more things relating to what I’m trying to accomplish (starting my day off with some wins, while still challenging myself mentally/spiritually).

There are things that I’ve learned previously that are coming back to me, and being presented to me again thanks to stuff that’s coming across my YouTube feed. Stuff like resetting my dopamine and increasing my focus.

But I was re-introduced to an idea from James Clear in Atomic Habits that states all habit changes require a shift in identity. This has left me with the question of: “What identity am I trying to build for myself?”

I think the biggest thing right now is that I’m tired of my addictions – I want to be in control of myself and not be subjugated to the whims of my mind and body.

I want to stop doing things like:

  • Mindlessly Eating
  • Not doing anything with all the information I have about living better
  • Consuming way too much alcohol
  • Being addicted to caffeine
  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Mindlessly playing video games for hours and hours
  • Never finishing projects
  • Needing to spend money on stupid shit

In short:

  • I want to be healthier – mentally and physically
  • I want to spend my time and money on worthwhile things
  • I want to accomplish things I set out to do

What kind of person does those things and how do they make sure they’re doing them?


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