Day 7: Starting Off Winning

Taking action is the only way to actually get anywhere.

But you also need to take effective action. I spent a long time in my life being busy, but not really going anywhere.

I’ve been thinking about the tendency for people to focus on window dressing in their lives – i.e. jumping straight to the advanced stuff like “how do I optimize my productivity?” when they’re not producing anything of value in the first place.

How do you define value?

That’s on you, but generally speaking if something is helping you make actual progress toward a goal or desire then it’s probably worthwhile.

Yeah you can easily get stuck in a loop where you feel like you’re making progress: “I’m watching all of these YouTube videos on helpful ideas.” But really you’re just wasting time.

Yeah if you find something you think might be good to try (like a new morning routine for instance), it won’t do you any good unless you actually try it out.

Making myself take a cold shower in the morning for the last week has been great. Making myself get out of bed before 5 am everyday I’m still on the fence about – it’s more about trying to get something for myself done first thing and having the time to do it.

I’m not claiming anything magical a week into this, but I am noticing a difference and I’m already changing some other habits around focus and getting important things done.

I’m actually thinking my next 30 day goal set will involve something to help reset my dopamine levels. But we’ll see when I get through this 30 days.


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