Day 5: Starting Off Winning

Here we are day 5 and the novelty has definitely worn off – now comes discipline. This is exactly why I’ve set aside thoughts of what to add next. My current goal is to work through this routine for 30 days. Although I still haven’t gotten out of bed at 4:30 or 4:45 am yet (probably because it hasn’t been a need yet). But I’ve done everything else and I have noticed a difference in my level of focus throughout the day as well as my willingness to do crap I just don’t want to do.

The willingness is probably more from giving myself a list of things to accomplish and then doing my best to get them done (yeah, I’ve done pretty good, but there were a couple things I didn’t get done on Friday). What’s worse the VM I was working on seems to have a problem as I can’t unlock the disk anymore – more likely that I fat fingered the key in exactly the same way between setup and unlocking it the first time. So I’ll have to redo the work anyway – nothing like installing complex projects from source.

I found myself thinking about Philosophy and what I think it should do for a person. I think philosophy and religion are primarily ways of viewing the world in such a way as to make the individual more resilient in the face of adversity.

What is it that allows someone to be more resilient?

The purpose for life – which Philosophers and Religious scholars have been contemplating and arguing about for time immemorial.

I don’t believe there is an inherent purpose to life except to live. The universe is a vast and empty place with small pockets that support what I’m sure are wide and varied forms of life which have adapted to their environment.

Human beings are animals through and through, we simply have a higher awareness of life (how much higher an awareness is up for debate) and that it will end.

Why exist at all? I don’t know – I never asked to be born.

But the life I do have is mine.

I choose to help others become aware of possibilities for their lives – just as I’ve become aware of and continue to become aware of. People can live nihilistic and hedonistic lives – Rock and Roll baby!

You do you, you.

But when your hedonistic pleasures come at the expense of someone else’s life/bodily autonomy I have big problem with that.


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