Day 21: No Alcohol

Got my weight training in this morning, although I forgot to do cardio – but oh well. I tried an asymmetrically loaded RDL today – it’s pretty intense with only a 25lb plate on one side. I can definitely feel the imbalance in my core and posterior chain on my right side. Oh well, the imbalance is improving thanks to the Kickstand Squats and all of the other asymmetric load things I’m doing. I’m definitely noticing my mid section is tightening up. I need to go get an impedance scan done again – maybe in a week or two.

Yeah, I’m definitely feeling like my testosterone has naturally come back up during this process. I really need to get another blood test done to confirm. Probably a good sign my body fat is breaking down as well as just how much of an effect my alcohol consumption has had on my body.

Yes, I’m going to have a few drinks this weekend for my wife’s bday celebration. But I’m going to keep going with the highly restricted intake, I simply feel so much better I need to keep this up.


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