Day 15: Starting Off Winning

Starting off week number three!

My meditation was a lot easier this morning, my mind was still wandering, but I didn’t struggle as much to bring it back to center.

I have been processing anger toward other people – trying to understand where it comes from. Generally my anger seems to come from something I see in them that I don’t like about myself – addiction in one case.

I do find it amazing how much more clarity I have internally now I’ve confronted and understand myself better – being able to let go of anger toward my parents and the world in general.

Now it’s freeing me up to process other sources of anger in myself -hopefully it should allow me to improve my relationships with the people that anger is directed toward.

Anger really is like a hot stone you hold onto expecting the other person to be hurt by. Although in some cases it may be true – but only in the cases where you can manipulate the other person.

Other thoughts, I’ve still being thinking on what challenge to take on next. I really like the idea of doing a dopamine fast/reset. Admittedly I have been doing something along those lines with this process – but really kick it up to the next level.

I’m thinking I can focus on limiting media consumption and video games.

How crazy is it to think about how much fee time I actually have and that I want to re-focus it toward something more productive?


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