Day 2: Building a 2nd Brain

I’ve I looked a little more into Wallabag, and it’s still something I want to look into, but it would require me going deeper down the Docker rabbit hole to spin it up on the same droplet I’ve got for Joplin than I care to right now.

So I just signed up for Instapaper – which was easier than I was expecting. I’ll give it a shot and see if I should go for the premium version.

To go along with information management, I got my budget straightened out and I’m back to tracking it through GoodBudget. Previously I had created a system to automate tracking a lot of things. But I realized I was getting overwhelmed and the system was brittle.

So today I cleaned up my budget numbers – verified how much various things are costing me, verified the automated transfer amounts between accounts, and current balances. Then when everything else automated, I whittled down the number of expenditures I’m tracking in GoodBudget and got the number reconciled.

Being able to hold myself accountable for my spending will be good and it’s worked so well in the past.


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