Day 2: Starting Off Winning

Here I am at day 2, I didn’t get out of bed on time – but I did get out of bed earlier than yesterday (5am instead of 5:20) so that’s a win.

Yesterday I was half-awake most of the day, probably due to lack of sleep the night before. 9pm hit and I had some trouble getting to sleep – probably because of everything going on (wife watching tv and sick, my son sick, and the dog wanting to be on the bed as well). I don’t feel quite so tired this morning – but I’m not as focused as I was yesterday morning.

I’m looking back on the last few days and I’m really seeing how much my thoughts can get out of whack by exposure to all the negativity – from news articles, arguments with family members, and even entertainment. I had a hell of a time mediating this morning. I need to remember to return to breathing as a basis – yesterday was easy because my brain and imagination were actively engaged in something. Today I was trying to quiet my mind only to really discover just how noisy and chaotic it is in my head. Oh well I’ll keep working at doing nothing.


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